Coir Mat: Practical and Eco-Friendly Doormats For a Green Home

Coconut coir is a versatile natural product with multiple uses. It is typically used for making coir
mat, ropes, mattresses, as well as in the construction and irrigation industry. In this article, let
us explore more about the benefits of Coir mat.
Are you considering what kind of doormat to add to your entryway’s decor? When it comes to
doormats, coco coir is a smart option. Their Eco-friendly nature is undeniable. They can be used
indoors or outdoors, and they are surprisingly durable. Apart from this, coir mats have a unique
aesthetic that is perfect to welcome your guests with open arms.
Here is more about this amazing product.

What is Coir Mat?

Let us understand the meaning of coir mat. Coir doormats are made using the outer husks of
coconuts. From the husk, fibers are extracted and then spun into yarn, which is called coir.
Coconut coir made from unripe, green coconuts has a finer texture and is golden yellow to
cream-coloured, while brown, mature coconuts produce coarse, brown-coloured coir.

These mats are highly durable, easy-to-maintain and come in a variety of designs that will
enhance your home’s look and keep it clean at the same time. Continue reading to learn more
about the benefits of coir mat.

Benefits of Using Coir Mat

By using a plant-based doormat, you are supporting green products and also encouraging
healthy living. Besides, coir mat are used in agriculture. Coir mat for plants and coir mats for
slope protection are a few significant applications in agriculture that are worth mentioning.

Here are some the best reasons why you should start using coir doormats.

  • Eco-friendly –

Coir mats are made from natural materials without the use of harmful
chemicals or pesticides. Coir is derived from the husk of coconuts and is produced
primarily in Asia. If you decorate your home or office with coconut fiber rugs, you are

protecting the environment and eliminating the use of harmful materials like plastic. By
switching to more environmentally friendly substances like coconut fiber, you can also
save money.

  • Durable –

Since it is made of coconut fibers, the natural fiber doormat is extremely
durable, able to withstand water as well as fungi and bacteria, and prevents the growth
of mold. In addition to its thick natural fibers, coir is a very durable material that can
withstand heavy abrasion and abuse, even on heavy traffic floors. Coir fiber is a natural
resilient material, so it does not require replacement after a few years.

  • Keeps floor clean –

Coir mats ensure that your home or office is perfectly clean of dirt and
moisture thanks to their environmentally friendly characteristics. As a result of its coarse fibers,
the carpet layer is highly absorbent and effectively removes moisture and dirt. Plain coir mat is
suitable for areas with high traffic, such as hallways and kitchen. It is weatherproof, so you
don't have to worry about leaving it outside.

  • Easy to maintain –

Coconut mats are easy to maintain. You can vacuum it easily and wash it by
hand to remove dirt and stains.  Even a few hand washings with mild soap and water every now
and then will extend the lifespan of the coco coir doormat.

  • Stylish and beautiful –

Coconut coir is naturally brown and has an earthy hue that complements
the muted colors. However, it is a versatile enough material to paint it in a wide variety of
colors. Diversification is not limited to color; coir mats also come in a variety of shapes,
textures, and cuts. In addition to the wide range of rectangular coconut coir rug, you can also
find a large variety of non-rectangular rugs in coconut fiber to suit any style.

Eco-Friendly, Durable Coir Mat From SBL -SITCO

The home decor mats made of coconut fibers are a great way to make any interior look
beautiful and eco-friendly. While coconut fiber mats are made from recycled and sustainable
materials, they don't compromise on quality. You'll never regret owning a coconut fiber rug
since it is durable and extremely effective.

Our coconut coir doormat is a good choice for those looking for eco-friendly products. Among
our selection are a variety of designs and colors that will be perfect to add a splash of elegance
to your home or office. You can add a new element to your decor with our dense natural

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How to wash coir mats?

Washing coconut mats are very simple. You can begin by scarping off the dirt and then beating
it using a broom to remove any visible dirt. Following this, take a stiff bristled brush and wash it
clean to remove the dirt that is stuck to the surface of the large coir mat.

2. How to dry coir mats?

You can dry your coir doormat by hanging it outside or in a well-ventilated area and allowing it
to air dry. You should rinse the coir carpet with fresh water before hanging it to dry if it was
exposed to saltwater.

3. Is coir good for door mats?

Yes, coir is an excellent choice for door mats. Natural coir doormat is durable, eco-friendly and

4. Can coir mats get wet?

Traditional coir can handle all types of weather due to its ability to naturally dry if it gets wet.

5. Can a coir mat be used inside?

It is possible to either have one outside the door and one inside, or both inside. When you can
only purchase one home doormat, choose coir, as it has a great scraping action and will still be

6. Do you need underlay for coir matting?

When laying loose on carpet or hard floors, consider a mat underlay that suits both the
entrance mat and the relevant floor.

7. Do coir mats slip?

Plain coir doormat is made from rough coconut fibers, which firmly grip the surface and prevent

8. How long does coir door mats last?

Coir mats have a long lifespan and can last up to 10 years.

9. Can you wash a coir doormat?

You can wash the coir door mats by hand. We do not recommend machine wash as it could
damage the mat as well as the machine.

10. How do you maintain a coir mat?

Clean the coir mat regularly using an absorbent powder that will absorb the dirt from the mat.